What MFU can do for you

MFU is a Japanese trading company established in Feb, 2018.
We selling selected goods on web shop for individual customers and business needs, too.
Please allow us to explain our business model of the web shop as bellow for your reference.
You can ask us to do such as:
We want to pay USDxx.yy for to buy the goods(with Japanese or Chinese or other brand), would you to be helpful?
After your request be received by MFU, we will answer you by one pattern of below:
1.Yes, we can do it for you and thank you so much
2.Yes, we can do it, if you pay more then USDxxx(or others)
3.No, thanks and please ask us for other issue any time

We do not think it is the best way that so many managers to do the same things.
Such as to put the same goods on the different web shops.

We keep to follow your request up on time.
And we also sell recommended goods on our web shop to met your choice.

Thank you for visiting

MFU Inc.
Feb, 2018